Patch 1.2

Minor updates to Surge Protectors 1.2

  • Several spelling and typographic errors fixed.
  • NPC name in the Corporate Takeover incursion changed to Plutonius Steel.
  • Example non-vehicular forms added: Steel Horse and Titanium Jaguar.
  • Articulated Frame COMPONENT feature specifically used for assuming new forms.
  • Touchstones in the Credits section updated.

 Incursions: Unlocked (New Content)

This 4 page add on (included with the download) has three new incursions that unlock new options for the SURGE PROTECTORS:

  • In Synthesized, the SP have another chance to work with the Photons. This time fending off their MetalWarp replicas and getting them back on the stage! Once completed, the players may create Photon characters of their own!
  • In Radioactive, an abandoned Gravitonic Beacon starts transmitting. If the SURGE PROTECTORS can make it there before the EMPERIONS they can launch an incursion of their own...right into THE WIRE EMPIRE. Big action scenes on a moon sized transforming robot? Check!
  • In Legacy Code, the Protectors learn of an ancient core, thought lost in the Scrapyard. If they can travel back to MetalWarp they can restore The Warrior,  another of the legendary first mechanoids, but can they accept The Warrior's violent operating system?

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Dec 31, 2020


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